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School Teacher And Husband Busted For Meth Lab In Their Home



Teacher, meth couple

While teachers are getting busted left and right for having sexual relations with their students, one arrested third-grade teacher in the United States has spiced things up for having a meth lab in her house.

According to Complex, police discovered the incriminating equipment when they executed a search warrant at the Zebulon, North Carolina, home of 38-year-old Lori Riley Whitley and her 41-year-old husband Gary. The couple was taken into custody (their 8-year-old son was handed over to social services) and face multiple charges, including manufacturing methamphetamine and child abuse.

Unsurprisingly, Lori Riley Whitley was suspended from Wendell Elementary School, where she thought. We don’t know whether she was actually a chemistry teacher or if she stole the lab supplies from the school…

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