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Tiny Robot Performs Surgery On Grape And Human Bodies



grape surgery by robot

As yet another sign of our impending high-tech robotic future, there is now a robot small enough to perform surgery on a grape and the intricate parts in our body.

The so-called da Vinci Single-Site system it is a robotic platform that can perform tiny, delicate surgical operations using articulated claws. It is already assisting surgeons in hysterectomies and gall bladder removals and could be a game changer for all types precession surgeries…

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Watch the following video to see just how efficient and effective the device is, particularly how it sews a patch of skin onto a grape without leaving any damage…

The da Vinci Single-Site system allows surgeons to do the kind of fiddly work often difficult to perform by hand, so no need to worry about it gaining a mind of its own and attacking you with its tiny claws.

Would you let an unsupervised robot perform surgery on you?

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