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Meet Lizard Girl, Her Tongue Is So Long She Can Lick Her Eyeball



Lizard Girl with very long tongue

For those that think mutants don’t exist, wait until you get a load of the girl with a tongue so long she can actually lick her eyeball. We call her Lizard Girl!

American Adrianne Lewis uploaded a video on Youtube showcasing her 4-inch long tongue, and let’s just say we are not the only ones amazed by it. Not only can she touch her eye ball with it, but she can also taste her nose, chin, and elbow.

It’s too bad she can’t touch all of them at once…

What everyone wants to know now is whether Lewis’ tongue is the longest in the world. The current record-holder is Nick Stoeberl with her 3.9-inch long tongue, which was measured from the tip of the tongue to the top of the lip.

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She has applied to the Guinness World Records for the honour of ‘Longest Tongue’ three times but, surprisingly, has always been denied. Good thing she’s not giving up…

Adrianne Lewis clearly has a mutated tongue, but is it the freakiest thing you’ve seen on a living human?

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