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Real African ‘Vampire’ Killed Then Sucked The Blood Of 12 Women



Real Vampire in Africa

Vampires are real and at least one of them lives in Zimbawe. A man confessed to raping, killing and then drinking the blood of 12 women in the central African country.

26 year old Alois Nduna told a court in the city of Masvingo that he was a Satanist, admitting he drank the blood of his victims ‘to make him a strong person’. Superstition is a serious issue in Africa…

Speaking about one victim, the real-life African vampire said…

I grabbed Hove and bit her on the neck after which I started sucking her blood until she lost consciousness. She fell down and that’s when I stopped sucking her blood.

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Police revealed that Nduna used several identities to commit his sadistic crimes. Chances are he will rot in prison for life.

Thank god he’s not immortal…

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