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Former Victim Creates “Child Love Dolls” For Pedophiles



child sex toy for pedophiles

If there is anything scarier than your child walking away with a complete strange, it’s if that stranger is a pedophile. To stop those predators from praying on unsuspecting children, a former victim has created the most disturbing of toys — a Child Love Doll!

Repeatedly molested at age 10 by his 19-year-old-sister, Buck Dobson knows firsthand what it’s like to suffer at the hands of pedophile, and his scars have never healed.

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Rather than let the abuse turn him into an angry delinquent, it inspired him to spend most of his adult life working to cure pedophilia. Dobson spent years trying to rehabilitate pedophiles within the Colorado prison system and through Christian outreach programs, but with little success.

He admitted his error to Christian Family Daily, stating:

“Look, you can’t change a pedophile’s sexual-orientation, and that’s what it is, an orientation, any more than you can a homo or heterosexual’s. You can try to get a pedophile to refrain from touching kids — and that sometimes works — but these people desire children and that desire is deep inside their genes. So why try to fix something unfixable?”

Child love dolls, pedophiles

But rather than give up, Dobson did what many would consider deplorable — start a company that creates and markets life-like male and female child and baby love dolls for pedophiles to molest and have sexual relations with. In his words:

“These dolls will feel and smell just like real children and have all the naughty parts. Pedophiles are gonna love them.”

Apparently, the Child Love Doll business is poised to explode because pedophile numbers are increasing. It may be deplorable, but if it means one less pedophile victimizing an adolescent child, who am I to complain?

Would you invest in Buck Dobson’s business?

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