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Bodybuilder Addicted To Muscle Injections Risks Getting Arm Amputated



bodybuilder, toxic injections

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Romario Dos Santos Alves had a dream of becoming a bodybuilder, but rather than work hard and eat properly, he developed a deadly addiction to toxic muscle injections that almost left him without arms.

The impatient 25-year-old’s injected a lethal combination of oil, alcohol and painkillers into his arms, giving him a false, rather disgusting look of a bodybuilder. Rather than give him real muscles, all the toxic mix gave him was some serious health issues.

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Romario complained about constant pain and even suffered near kidney failure. When his doctors told him his arms would have to be amputated, he became so depressed that he considered killing himself.

bodybuilder addicted to toxic injections

Fortunately, a later CAT scan showed his arms could be saved, although he is still struggling to stay clean:

I regret a lot, my ambition is still to become a bodybuilder but I have a long way to go.

You can start by lifting some actual weights, Romario. Stay away from the drugs, because to pain, no gain…

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