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Thai Ladyboy Beats Irish Tourist After He Turned Her Down



Guy beat by Thai Ladyboy

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A general warning for those holidaying in Southeast Asia is to watch out for the ladyboys. One tourist to Thailand apparently didn’t get the memo and was reportedly beaten up by a ladyboy after turning down her sexual advances.

Michael Merry was approached by Wichai Sripalang at 3am when walking down a street in Pattaya, a city in Thailand known for its high crime rate. The transgendered woman apparently beat him with her heel after he refused her sexual advances, to which he responded by pushing her to the floor.

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He claimed to have been molested… Local police arrived to break up the fight and were followed by medics who dealt with his’s injuries.

Police spokesperson Piyapong Ensan said:

“The transgender woman who approached him and offered sexual services, he declined the offer but she then put her arms around him and molested him.

This annoyed him and he shoved her away, causing her to fall to the ground. When she stood up she took of one of her shoes, and used it to hit the victim over the head.”

Man beaten by Thai Ladyboy

Sripalang faces a fine for the attack. Merry should have probably kicked her in the balls…

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