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Old Man Punches Bear In The Face to Save His Dog



Old man punches bear

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Never get between an old man and his dog, a warning one bear should have heeded.

Carl Moore (pictured above), a 73-year-old ex-Marine, claims to have punched a bear in the face when it trespassed on his property and threatened Lacy, his precious little Chihuahua. He apparently shouted “Get out of here, you bastard!” before punching the creature in the mouth.

Scary bear mouth

Speaking to CBS, the old geezer said:

“The man or beast that I run from ain’t been born. And his mama’s already dead.

“He looked at me like, ‘Go eff yourself,’”

About 5 feet tall, it was a small bear. But, hey, no bear is too small to be taken lightly…

Old man punches bear, save dog

His friend was there to see it the confrontation and added:

“Carl just smacks it, I couldn’t believe it. He’s an ex-first recon Marine. He’s been in barroom brawls, all kinda stuff.”

Mr. Moore has some big balls. Sure they might be shriveled and dangly, but they are big. What is the craziest confrontation you’ve had with a wild animal?

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