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It’s Official, Women Hate The Famous ‘Man Bun’



Women hate Man bun

As if men with ponytails aren’t peculiar enough, those with the famous ‘man bun’ really make you look twice. It turns out that most women find man buns odd and in fact hate them.

There was a time when I actually didn’t mind man buns, but now that it has become a trend with seemingly one in three men having one, it’s just too much. The fact that members of the opposite sex don’t find it appealing means it’s not long for the world, which makes me happy.

According to a survey carried out by West Coast Shaving, 35 percent of women don’t like the hairstyle, while 27 percent actually despise it. That leaves less than 40 percent who can tolerate it.

man bun study

Take the study for what it is…

What do you think about the man bun? Do you rock one yourself?

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