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Burger King Russia Advertises On Women’s Breasts To Sell Whoppers



Burger King Breast Ad

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Burger King in Russia made world news after using the bodies of scantily clad women — most notably their breasts — to advertise their Whoppers.

Their advertisement was displayed on Russia’s equivalent of Facebook — page — and unashamedly showed ‘models’ using Tittygram to promote the company’s very delicious burgers.

In case you’re wondering, Tittygram is often described as the ‘Uber for boobs’ and allows women to write anything on their breasts and get paid for it, provided the text is under 35 words long.

Burger King Breast Promotion

Unsurprisingly, the fast food chain came under fire for such a ‘tasteful’ practice, and the caption used to kick off the advertising campaign was especially noteworthy:

“Do you want this to be your name? Every week the most active community member will receive this type of named message. It’s not just your Whoppers that are cooked on a real fire, everything with us is on fire!”

In Burger King’s defense, only women age 21 and over took part in the promotion and all were prohibited from writing anything offensive on their breasts. Even more, 2 percent of all their profits went towards breast cancer research.

You see, those Russians aren’t completely crazy after all…

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