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No One In New York Has Sex Louder Than This Couple



New York, loudest sex

Sex can be in a very intense experience, and sometimes you just can’t help but let the world know. One couple, in particular, makes so much noise that they have been given the dubious title of having the loudest sex in New York City. Imagine that…

Complaints filed against the Brooklyn lovers claim they have absolutely no respect for their neighbors, with one long suffering gentleman, Omar Ramos, stating:

I’m on the second floor, and I hear them all the time. When I come in the night from work, a girl screaming every night — Papi, different kinds of names, in Spanish. [She] keeps screaming to continue, to not stop. Saturdays, it’s louder. About 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes more than an hour.”

loud sex apartment

With such loud sex, you can bet there is a lot more going on behind those closed doors, and indeed there is. The raunchy couple spruce things up by supposedly inviting other people to “perform more extreme sexual activities.”

Despite racking up half a dozen complaints in three months, they have actually never been arrested. Apparently, their passionate love-making ends before the police get to their apartment.

We feel for Omar and all the complainers, but what can anyone do about sex that good? They should consider buying some good earplugs.

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