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Girls Spend A Lot More Time On Selfies Than You Think



Girl takes Selfie

If our article on What Girls Really Mean When They Snapchat proves anything, it is that girls are obsessed with selfies. In fact, a new study finds that women spend over five hours each week taking selfies.

According to, around seven pictures are taken for each one posted, meaning a lot of time is spent trying to get that one perfect shot. Why this obsession with selfies, you’re wonder? One word: Guys!

One in three women do it to impress a guy they have the hots for, while one in five post sexy selfies to supposedly make their ex-boyfriend(s) jealous. An average of 16 minutes is spent per picture for a total of 48 minutes per day.

The following infographic sheds more light on this female endemic. Check it out and share your thoughts:

Facts on WOmen selfies

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