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Super Smash Bros Movie Is Under Development?



Super Smash Bro Wii

While not the avid video gamer I once was, one video game series I still enjoy playing is Super Smash Bros. Good news for those that share my love for the iconic title: A Super Smash Bros movie might be in the works!

For those that don’t know what Smash Bros is, it’s basically a fighting game that lets you play as a boatload of characters from some of your favorite childhood Nintendo games. It even has Sonic the Hedgehog and Little Mac from the classic boxing game Punch Out!

Smash Bros characters

Memos leaked on Wikileaks have revealed that Sony has tried to obtain the rights to a Super Smash Bros movie for five years, particularly those pertaining to the use of characters from the Zelda, Mario and Donkey Kong series.

How far along in the process the company actually is currently is unknown, but can you imagine how awesome a movie like that would be?

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