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This Brazilian Ghost Prank On The Subway Will Chill You



Brazil train ghost prank

Brazilians sure do know how to do scary. As if the zombie pranks carried out in the country’s subway system wasn’t unnerving enough, the unsuspecting public had to contend with a new, spookier one involving a ghost girl.

The prank is very elaborate and a lot of effort was put into making it as believable as possible. Even if ghosts aren’t real, you will likely be creeped out if a train you’re on suddenly stops, prevents you from getting off, and then makes some strange noises before going dark.

Now, if a spooky girl popped out of nowhere and then starts walking towards you in the creepiest manner possible before letting out the eeriest scream you’ve ever heard, you will probably crap your pants.

Notice how the guys are more scared than the girls…

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