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Japan’s New ‘Levitating’ Train Breaks Speed Record… Again



Fastest Train, Japan

Magnetic levitating (Maglev) trains are nothing new, but a platypus-looking one in Japan has just broken the world record by achieving an insane top speed of 374 mph (601 km/h), effectively beating its previous world record of 366 mph (589 km/h).

Capable of covering over a mile in just 11 seconds, the driverless ‘levitating’ train has no wheels and instead uses magnets to hover over a magnetized track. It achieved the record-setting run on the same route it will take once it goes into operation, carrying people from Tokyo to Nagoya at blistering speeds.

The science on how maglev trains work is a bit tricky, but it obviously work well. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before we start traveling at near the speed of light.

Have any of you ever ridden on a maglev train? If so, how was the ride?

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