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What Girls Really Mean When They Snapchat…



Meaning of girl's snapchats

It’s no secret that girls are two-faced. When they say something, you can bet they mean something entirely different. Their snapchats are no different…

Us unsuspecting guys will look at the left side of these pictures and read it at face value, but thanks to a girl named Holly Carpenter, we now see the calculated and mischievous truth!

As if you needed more proof, her breakdown of these snapchats clearly show that what women say and what they mean are two VERY different things.

girl snapchat, hungover

This one isn’t too hard to crack. What guy would look at her and care that she’s hungover? All we see are the boobs, so no need to say anything.

girl snapchat, no make up

No way she’s not wearing makeup, but make sure you compliment her if you don’t want any trouble…

girl snapchat, single night out

Ah, so that’s why they always post groupies with their girlfriends not fully shown…

girl snapchat, I love you

So you mean I can use pictures like this to threaten her, such as getting her to do something I want? So many ideas…

girl snapchat, cooking

So you’re wife material, eh? Well, all I see is a burger. Now, go and buy me one because god knows you didn’t make that…

girl snapchat, bubble bath

What a big tease…

girl snapchat with dog

I like dogs — shame on her for making it all about her!

Thank you, Holly, for further enlightening the male population about the true nature of women, but we can’t really complain when we’re getting pictures of boobs or ones leading to mental images of a nude woman…

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