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Police Catch Guy Who Ejaculated On Over 100 Women On Train



Guy ejaculates on train

Not only is Japan crawling with perverts, but it’s also known for harboring many sexual deviants. 40-year-old Tetsuya Fukuda is one such creep for ejaculating on over 100 unsuspecting women who just wanted to enjoy their train ride. Good thing he has been caught…

Nicknamed the phantom ejaculator, the middle-aged man takes creeper to a whole new level! His disgusting escapades were brought to an end after DNA tests on semen found on a teenage schoolgirl’s skirt led detectives to him.

Tetsuya (pictured above) admitted that he has a thing for women on trains, stating:

‘I get excited when in close contact with a woman on a crowded train.’

Japanese train

According to UK news outlet Metro, he supposedly cut holes in his jacket pockets in order pleasure himself discreetly, at least until he finished on some hapless girl. One victim, 26-year-old Ria Yoneda, came forward and said:

‘It happened to me as well but I didn’t know who had done it. It is just disgusting, he needs help.’

If that was me on the other end, I wouldn’t know what hit me. Such a strange fetish…

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