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Men Pay This Fat Woman to Eat and Squash Them



Fat woman gets paid to eat

Meet Sarah Reign, a fat woman living the dream. She somehow makes money eating lots of food and farting on camera for men!

Described as a ‘feedee’, the 26-year-old from New York actually works fulltime as a security guard at a factory but earns around $1,000 a month through her second job. Men pay to watch her eat chocolate cake and smear it all over her face, smother herself with butter and put some in her belly button, and fart on demand.

Fat woman paid to eat

Sarah even sells her worn underwear and offers ‘squashing’, where men pay her to sit on them. She doesn’t sit on people while naked, however, always preferring to keep her underwear on…

“It was awkward at first but I got really into it, sitting on his face, smothering it with my belly,” she told Metro News. “Lots of men want to feed me so much I can’t move anymore, but that’s not my thing. I still want to be active and do my day job.”

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Fat woman paid to eat, squash

One of her most common requests is to behave like a pig, which shouldn’t come as surprise. Do you ever see yourself using Sarah Reign’s services?

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