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Yoga Instructor Lets Kids Touch Her Breasts At Bar Mitzvah



Dirty Yoga instructor

Now this is how you turn a boy into a man the Too Manly way… Lindsey Radomski, an extremely intoxicated instructor at Sumit’s Yoga in Scottsdale, not only flashed her boobs at both adults and children during a Bar Mitzvah celebration, but also let the children touch them.

According to police, Lindsey (pictured left) was sent away to sleep off the alcohol, but was apparently not tired. After making her way back to the party, she gathered a group of kids aged 11- to 15-years old, took them to a bedroom and exposed her breasts before allowing them to fondle her. We can only imagine their excitement…

In fact, one of those boys managed to film some of the action with his cellphone, but the video was confiscated for evidence.

As if all of that wasn’t interesting enough, Lindsey allegedly performed oral sex on a 15-year-old boy the next morning. Her defense for the inappropriate behavior? You guessed it — she was too drunk to remember any of it!

Are Yoga instructors this kinky?

via Mandatory

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