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Woman Drags Groper by Hair to Police Station



woman drags groper to jail

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India is notorious for its rape culture, and Pradnya Mandhare from Mumbai can attest to that. While not a rape victim, she was groped one afternoon by a drunk man, and it is how she handled the situation that’s newsworthy.

The 20-year-old student (pictured on the left) was “shocked” by the sheer audacity of the man to assault her in broad daylight and in front of many onlookers. When it dawned on her that no one would come to her rescue, she went into fight mode.

“I [tried] to get away from him, but he grabbed me,” the young woman said. “The only thing to do, because nobody else was doing anything, was to hit him, and so I belted him with my bag.”

The attacker tried to hit her back but was too drunk to barely stand. Rather than getting as far away from him as possible, Pradnya was “determined” not to let him get away. She wanted him punished and proceeded to what needed to be done…

Doing the unthinkable in a culture where female victims of abuse are often ignored, she actually pulled the man by his hair and directed him to a nearby police station, where he was arrested and later identified as 25-year-old Chavan Chowdee (pictured on the right). Mission accomplished?

Pradnya is brave and insists every woman should fight back (not necessarily physically) in such cases and not keep quiet. We agree with her…

via Metro

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