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There is Actual Gold in Your Feces



Golden shit

This should make you think twice before flushing your poop down the toilet: A researcher group has somehow managed to identify gold in the waste from American sewage systems and treatment plants and are now investigating ways to extract the precious metal from human feces.

In addition to finding gold at levels that, if found in rock, would be worth mining, the researchers also identified other rare earth metals like palladium and vanadium. Moreover, extracting these metals from feces is supposedly good for the environment and could help eradicate the release of toxic substances into the earth’s atmosphere.

rare minerals in feces

Dr. Kathleen Smith of the US Geological Survey said:

The gold we found was at the level of a minimal mineral deposit. We’re interested in collecting valuable metals that could be sold, including some of the more technologically important metals, such as vanadium and copper, that are in cell phones, computers and alloys.

A previous study estimated that the excrement from over one million Americans could contain as much as $128 million worth of metals. Time to stock up on those laxatives…

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