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Gold Diggers Have Existed Since The Stone Age



gold digger meme

Would you be surprised if we told you that gold diggers have existed since the Stone Age? Yup, according to new research, shallow, money-hungry women have always been around, praying on the emotions of men and taking from them what they haven’t earned.

Apparently, women have always sought out men with sex, all in an effort to secure their financial future. Fast forward to the 21th century and nothing has changed.

Now, you would think that the feminist movement and rise of the career women have coincided with a decline of golddiggers, but that is far from the case, according to The Washington Post:

Researchers recently uncovered a sharp decline in genetic diversity in male lineages across the world during the Stone Age. The study’s authors hypothesized that material gains made through early agricultural success — a proxy for wealth — gave smaller groups of related men the reproductive upper hand for generations.

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So does that mean that after thousands of years, women haven’t evolved from their gold-digging ways? It sure seems so.

Science has spoken! And in case you want proof…

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