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Darth Vader Robs Bank and Gets Away



Darth Vader robs bank

Darth Vader hit rock bottom ever since getting beat by Luke Skywalker, and now he’s been caught robbing a bank and getting away. Could he be building another Death Star?

Fine, fine, it not actually the real Darth Vader that made off with a bag of cash, but the infamous Sith Lord hasn’t been himself since the events of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Darth Vader robs a bank

As for the bank robber, his Star Wars costume must have provided a very decent disguise because he left the facility a lot richer than he was entering it, so much so that the FBI were called in to search for him. Witnesses reportedly described him as ‘a 5’5″ black male in dark clothing.’

Darth Vader robbing bank

Now, unless said witnesses had the ability to see through Darth Vader’s costume, we don’t know how they knew it was a black man behind it. Does anyone know?

Forget about the FBI — someone call in the Jedi.

via Complex

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