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You Can Now Buy Breast Milk Lollipops To Suck On…



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Some people will eat just about anything, but a breast milk-flavored lollipop must be one of the strangest things you could put in your mouth. That’s right, you can now buy a lollipop that supposedly tastes like breast milk, not that most of us remember how “mommy’s special” tastes like.

Lollyphile, the company behind this peculiar treat, claims:

These lollipops won’t bring back childhood memory; they’ll bring up animal instinct. Quite possibly the most inherently satisfying flavour of all time.

Talk about a bold claim…

breast milk, beer, wine lollipops

Should you find breast milk lollipop too weird for consumption, Lollyphile also makes other delicious-sounding and more socially-acceptable flavors. There are Beer and Merlot Red Wine-tasting ones for beer and wine lovers, while tea connoisseurs can treat themselves to the chai tea lolly.

Hell, there is even a Party Girl flavour for fun lovers, because we all know that “fun” has an actual taste…

While having choice is always a good thing, I will have to pass on the breast milk one. Just thinking about it makes my stomach churn. What about you?

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