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Modeling Companies Say She’s Plus-Size, Do You Agree?



Stefania Ferrario plus-size model

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Meet Stefania Ferrario, a drop-dead gorgeous woman that should be on every man’s radar. I look at her and see the perfect body, but modeling companies look at her and see a plus-size woman. What do you see?

The word “plus-size” connotes fat, and the Melbourne-based model is by no means fat or overweight. Fortunately, she refuses to subscribe to anybody’s notion of beauty except her own.

In Stefania’s own words:

I am a model FULL STOP. Unfortunately in the modelling industry if you’re above a US size 4 you are considered plus size, and so I’m often labelled a ‘plus size’ model. I do NOT find this empowering.

A couple of days ago, @ajayrochester called the industry to task for its use of the term ‘plus size’ by making the point that it is ‘harmful’ to call a model ‘plus’ and ‘damaging for the minds of young girls’. I fully support Ajay and agree with her.

Not proud of being called ‘plus’, she wants an industry that supports models of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities:

“I’m NOT proud to be called ‘plus’, but I AM proud to be called a ‘model’, that is my profession!”

Anyone that thinks this woman can’t be a proper model because she’s not a twig is crazy.

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