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Pregnant Woman Caught With 89 Bags of Heroin in Her Vagina



herion bags in vagina

Girls have been hiding heroin and other drugs in their vagina for decades, but one pregnant woman may have broken the record for the number of bags carried at once. When police pulled her over for a minor motor-vehicle violation, they found 89 bags of heroin stashed in her vajayjay.

Marina McCarthy, 22, and a man (the driver) were stopped when they were suspected of carrying drugs in their car. The police didn’t find anything until they watched their cruiser’s surveillance videotape, which showed her shoving what turned out to be 89 bags of heroin into a ‘body cavity’.
The man, on the other hand, was driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle and had a suspended driver’s license. To make matter worse, he had fresh needle track marks and told police inconsistent stories that led them to believe there were drugs in the car.

Pregnant woman Marina was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance. She must have one very big vajayjay…

via North Jersy

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