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Nightclub Turns Away Mom For Being Too “Fat And Ugly”



too fat, ugly for nigtclub

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An angry mother is demanding an apology from a trendy British nightclub after she and her two friends were apparently turned away for being too fat and ugly.

According to Stacey Owen, they were enjoying a night out in Manchester when a bouncer prevented them from entering the bar because of their weight and looks.

They were first told the venue was “too full,” and waited outside for other people to leave, as a result. But the situation became very sketchy after more and more people headed inside…

When she went up to the bouncer to see why what the deal was, she was allegedly told that her group was “too fat and ugly” to go in.

In Stacey’s words:

“Then a group of women went in and we said ‘hang on what’s going on?’ and he turned to us and said ‘look, you’re too big and ugly to come in, I suggest you try elsewhere.’

We were so shocked we didn’t know what to do. It was so uncalled for and I’ve never had anything so humiliating happen to me in my whole life.”

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Needless to say, their night was completely ruined . “We just went home, she said.”

Poor Stacey… aside from your massive forehead, you’re not a bad-looking woman at all. I don’t know if the same could be said about your friends, though…

Guys, is Stacey Owen too fat and ugly to enter a nightclub or bar?

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