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Beware Of The Poop Bandit



Poop bandit

As if having dogs go around sh!ting all over the place wasn’t bad one, one U.S. town has to now deal with a full grown man indiscriminately pooping on not 1, not 5, but 19 cars! The so-called poop bandit is a rebel with a stinky cause…

Jokes aside, the police in Akron have quite a mess on their hands. After careful analysis, they have determined that the serial pooper likes to do his business between 4 and 6 am, when post people are asleep.

Fortunately for them, the vile crook has been captured on video by a resident who had her car crapped on multiple times. After the seventh time, she set up a camera to catch him in the act, undignified and all.

Someone needs to find out where this guy lives and crap on his car…

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