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Powdered Alcohol Is Now Legal, It Will Be Very Popular



Powdered Alcohol

Powered alcohol is now a thing that you can legally purchase and pour into a bottle of water, milk, tea or what have you. We get the feeling it will be very, very popular…

The US government, as well as the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, have both given permission for powered alcohol to be created and sold by its originator, meaning it won’t be long before people start adding the substance to pretty much anything.

Alcoholic bread and bacon sound… vile.

Powdered Alcohol, Palcohol

Here is how the company that created powered alcohol (Palcohol) describes it:

Imagine a Margarita on a counter. And then imagine if you could snap your fingers and it would turn into powder. That’s Palcohol….without the magic. Palcohol is just a powder version of vodka, rum and three cocktails….with the same alcoholic content.

As you would expect, authorities aren’t too happy at the idea of people sneaking the substance into places like theaters or festivals and then mixing it with plain ol’ water to get wasted. Then again, why would anyone want to spend $10 on a can of beer?

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