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Sexy Police woman Enters Lingerie Contest, Places Top 10



Curvy policewoman, lingerie

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Meet 21-year-old Sophia Adams, one undoubtedly curvaceously sexy woman. Would you believe me if I told you she is a policewoman?

Sophia is not exactly the type of person you would expect to enter a lingerie contest, but she did.

She caused a stir when she placed in the top 10 after entering her pictures in the ‘Star in a Bra’ competition organized by Curvy Kate, an underwear firm specializing in D-K cup bras.

As any big-breasted woman like Sophia will tell you, finding bras that are both reasonably-priced and correctly-sized is tough. And then there is the “issue” of confidence, regarding which she said:

“I finally have the confidence and would love to model for Curvy Kate. I used to have so many body hang ups, hated my size and wanted to change myself. But as I get older I’m realising it’s all about self-love and treating your body like the temple it is.”

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I don’t know… looking at her selfies, Sophia seems to have already been confident in her body. Women and their false modesty…

We can already visualize droves of drooling men purposely breaking the law so as to get a little “police engagement” with her…

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