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Photos of Naked Teacher Has Parents Pissed That She Kept Her Job



Hot Teacher Anita

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A secondary school teacher was told she could keep her job after naked photos of her were leaked onto the internet, making parents very angry. She claims someone uploaded them without her permission.

Despite the 15 year-old pictures being taken when Anita was a student, their raunchiness had parents pushing to have her fired from the school she teaches at.

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Outraged mother Clelia Cocci, 35, said:

“I’m not happy that a woman who gets her breasts out for porn photos is teaching my son. ‘It is disgusting and she should be fired.”

Teacher Anita, hot photos

Hot Teacher Anita, body

Unfortunately for Cocci, the headmistress of the school stood by Anita’s side and said she was keeping her job, on the grounds that the leaked pictures were too old to be of any serious concern. “There is no reason why she shouldn’t continue her good work,” she stated.

Teacher Anita insists she did not post the photos herself, but who cares who did it — she’s smoking hot! Look at that body…

Clelia Cocci is probably just jealous, because god knows she’s one of the hottest teachers I have ever laid eyes on. Have you seen anyone hotter?

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