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Man Writes Funny, Honest Review of Hotel Wife Used to Cheat



Cheating wife caught

There is nothing funny about a cheating wife or girlfriend, but one man handled it with as much dignity, class and hilarity as we would expect from a vengeful spouse.

The man in question found out that his wife was cheating on him with her boss when she “smartly” used his credit card for one of her clandestine sexcapades in a hotel. When he called the hotel to inquire about the charge to his card, he discovered that the two not only ordered a room with the card, but also used it for their bar tab and movie rentals.

That’s one very stupid woman…

Now, instead of confronting the cheaters in a way that could land him in prison, the man turned to Google+, using it to leave a hilariously sarcastic, yet honest, five-star review of the hotel they got it on in.

Here, read it…

Hotel review, cheating wife

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