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Killer Instinct: TJ Combo HANDS ON Gameplay [Video]



New TJ Combo charge at Jago

At E3, fighting game fanatic and Killer Instinct fanboy Maximilian had the chance to play an early build of the new TJ Combo and — doing what he does best — has provided a hands-on preview of what everyone can expect when the ultra-cool boxer is primed for action.

As discussed earlier, TJ and seven other new and returning characters will be part of Season 2 of the well-received KI reboot. He’s a heavy-hitter described as a rush-down character similar to Sabrewulf. And fortunately, he looks a lot better in action than he did in his reveal trailer.

While watching Max’s breakdown, keep in mind he is analyzing an early build of the character. The final TJ Combo could very well look different.

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