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These People Hate Their Jobs More Than You Do Today



Bad day, horse rape

Hating your job right now? Just know that somewhere around the world, there is a guy or gal hating their job even more than you do yours.

As evidenced by the following fiascos, things could be much, much worse…

He’s resting his legs…

Bad day, stuck in roof

Mr. Indian has given up on life

Vacuum up elevator

You can bet he’ll be getting paid overtime…

Bad day, store collapse

One small move and we could have nuclear disaster on our hands…

Bad day, forklift with bomb

Nothing like getting raped by a horse and feeling completely helpless…

Bad day, horse rape

A small fix just turned into a very big one…

Bad day, mechanic garage

Mr. Karate has no time for the police…

Bad day, police abuse

Who called the professional plummer?

Bad day, washroom flood

She’s about to have a bad day… and a very bad headache

Baseball in head, reporter

Is that guilt I see on his face? Off to prison with him!

Bad day, Reporter mugshot

The driver must have been an Asian women wearing a blindfold…

School bus in house

We hope no one is toasting in those flames…

Bad day, truck on fire

The blue screen of Rock and Roll!

Blue screen Bad day, Rock bad

The waitress must be his ex-girlfriend…

Worst customer ever

He drove very far before realizing the chaos he left behind…

Truck fallen beer grates

How are they going to explain this to the Sargent?

Bad day, stuck tank

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