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Facebook Bully Challenges UFC Fighter, Gets Destroyed



Josh “The Dentist” Neer

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Bullying have unfortunately become a natural part of the internet, so much so that you have people killing themselves over it. While most trolls are harmless losers, some take things a bit too far.

Patrick Martin is on such troll who took things too far. Having long targeted MMA fighters on social media, he was foolish enough to challenge UFC veteran Josh “The Dentist” Neer (pictured above) to an actual fight.

The Dentist explains:

“OK, I guess I have to defend myself since everyone’s talking crap. This fool has been talking crap about MMA fighters for months. H’s 6’6, 270 pounds so Im not gonna sit here and let this fool bully everyone. If he was my size I woulda just ignored it. The he writes on fb and I tell him if he wants to fight the show up at 530 at practice (40 mins after I was already practicing).”

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They ended up fighting, as you can see for yourself:

As it turned out, Patrick was all bark and no bite (just listen to him moan). In fact, what the hell was he thinking entering the ring with Josh Neer, a fighting machine with 38 victories in the ring, 18 of which were by knockout?

If he was that deluded to not see the ass-whopping coming, we say he got what he deserved.

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