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Actor Wakes Up with No Balls After Hooking Up with Girl



Man balls cut off

In yet another strange tale from mother Russia, an unlucky actor woke up to find his testicles missing after being seduced by a supposedly gorgeous woman.

It all began when 30-year-old- soap opera star Dmitry Nikolaev attended a bar following a theater performance in Moscow. After some drinks, he was joined by an individual described as a younger woman with blonde hair, who later asked him to go to a sauna with her.

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Nikolaev approved, of course, but after some more drinks with the woman in a sauna, he blacked out only to wake up the next morning in excruciating pain and covered in blood. He was rushed to hospital, where it was revealed his testicles had been removed.

Watch him describe the ordeal:

Police believe she slipped something in his drink, and the skilled removal of his dangly bits made them suspect it was the work of a gang selling organs on the black market.

What an undignified way to lose your manhood…

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