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Man Visits Dentist for First Time in 10 Years, See His Nasty Teeth



For those that take dental care lightly, the condition of this Japanese man’s teeth will shock you into changing your habits. His teeth were found to have some serious plaque build-up after 10 years of not properly taking care of them and visiting the dentist.

Plaque is formed by bacteria that attach themselves to the tooth’s smooth surface. When not removed, it can harden into tartar, a hard mineral deposit that can only be removed through professional cleaning by a dental professional.

Tartar, as you see in the video, makes brushing and cleaning between teeth become more difficult and can causes gum tissue to swell and bleed (gingivitis). Flossing helps prevent it by cleaning those hard-to-reach places susceptible to buildup.

It’s scary what years of authentic Japanese cuisine, smoking, and not flossing can do to your precious teeth…

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