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Greedy Woman Rejects Husband’s $975 Million Divorce Offer



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The amount of money some women walk away with after divorcing their wealthy husbands is mind-boggling, and there is none more telling than Sue Ann Arnall, who actually rejected a $974.8 million divorce offer from her billionaire ex-husband Harold Hamm so that she can “drain” him of even more of his hard-earned money.

In addition to writing the whopping check, Hamm tossed in three luxury properties in Oklahoma and California as part of the deal, but to no avail. After 26 years of marriage and several years of divorce proceedings, greedy Sue Ann felt a billion dollars was beneath her.

As a former lawyer who worked for Hamm’s Continental Resources company, she claims that the divorce settlement contains 78 errors, including a misstatement of the oil tycoon’s supposed net wealth of $18 billion.

Arnall feels a “mere” 10 percent of the cut is just not enough and claims she’s entitled to a larger portion, while Hamm believes the nearly $1 billion court-ordered settlement was already too high.

It’s back to the courts for the two of them…

What Harold Hamm is going through should be a cautionary tale for all men. Simply put, many women are extreme gold-diggers and will suck you dry of all your money if the opportunity arises. Be vigilant, very vigilant.

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