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Woman Wants to Divorce Husband For Not Having Sex 3 Times A Day



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A woman in the Middle East of all places wants to divorce her husband for not having enough sex with her. Supposedly, she wants intercourse three times a day, but all he can muster is four per week.

According to Gulf News, the seemingly horny woman went to court seeking damages on the grounds that her husband is unable to sexually please her, though whether he couldn’t or simply didn’t want to have sex is unknown.

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Unsurprisingly, the court found the reason for the divorce not sufficient enough to leave her husband, with the judge dismissing it altogether.

The woman was allegedly even urged to have a medical examination, which she unequivocally refused, instead demanding that her husband see a doctor.

She’s a fierce one, isn’t she, which likely explains her insatiable sexual appetite…

We have a question for you: How much sex is too much sex, and how much is too little?

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