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Male Birth Control Pills Are Almost Here



Male birth control pill

When it comes to effective preventative measure for unplanned children, men only have one option — the condom. Yes, pulling out just before your seamen beginning swimming for their lives is not an option, at least not a good one.

But while condoms get the job done 90 percent of the time, they do make sex a lot less pleasurable, and men have long clamored for a less obstructive alternative — you know, like a birth control pill.

A male version of the female contraceptive pills has been talked about for years, but now it seems it will actually see the light of day.

According to Wired, there are tests currently being done on two male birth control pills that choke off male fertility — H2-gamendazole and JQ1.

H2-gamendazole prevents sperm cells from growing a tail and a head in the testis, rendering them useless. As result, they are reabsorbed into the testis and never end up in the semen.

JQ1, on the other hand, lets the sperm cells forget what they are tasked to do by obstructing a testicle-specific “bromodomain” called BRDT. In other words, instead of producing sperm, the sperm cells draw a blank.

Researchers seem to be leaning towards H2-gamendazole, which will most likely become the first official male contraceptive pill. Will you use it?

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