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Get Ready for the Electric Condom, It will Shock Your Penis



Electric Condom

We love to hate condoms for taking a lot of the sensation out of sex, but their use is pretty much mandatory in an age where sexually-transmitted diseases run rampant. Fortunately, there is the ‘electric condom’, a neat invention that will make having sex with a condom feel as natural as possible, if not better.

Called the ‘Electric El’ by its creators, the rubber is described as a digital condom that lets you control the sensation felt during intercourse by using a controller such as a smartphone app. It is currently a prototype and isn’t quite ready or prime time.

It’s hard to imagine pulling out an iPhone in the middle of sex in order to modulate the voltage on an Internet-connected condom, but the Electric El shows a lot of promise. Watch the video below to get a better idea of how it works…

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