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Got Bad Kids? Let this Barber Give Them an Old Man Haircut



Kid old man haircut

Is your kid a disrespectful, obnoxious wise guy? Does he need to be thought a lesson? Well, instead of smacking some sense into him, why not take him to the barbers at Atlanta’s ‘Rusty Fred’ barbershop? They will gladly give the little rascal an old man haircut to publically shame them.

Depicted here, the special haircut is aptly-called the Benjamin Button Special, and makes your kid look like a goofball, likely making him the laughing stock of his school and the neighborhood.

Is it too harsh of a punishment? Honestly, I can’t believe I never thought of it…

Kid with old man haircut

The Benjamin Button Special has gone viral on social media, so don’t be surprised if you begin seeing little grouchy kids walking around with old man haircuts. And don’t feel sorry for them either, because they likely had it coming.

What is the wackiest haircut you have ever seen on a kid?

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