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Woman Gets Dragged Across Busy Road by Carjacker



carjacker drags woman

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A dirty car robber in the UK was caught on camera dragging a woman 30 feet across a busy road as he tried to steal her car.

30-year-old mother Nikki Law-Priddey was de-icing her Mini when the thief ran into the car. Her attempt to force him out only resulted in her being dragged for quite a distance.

As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, the scumbag makes a turn and speeds by her while she laid in the middle of the road in excruciating pain. The entire ordeal left her with a broken hand and bruises on her leg and back.

See how it went down:

She told a local news outlet:

These past 24 hours have been the worst time of my life, to say I am in total shock and disbelief to what has happened to me on my own doorstep in broad day light is an understatement.

Her car was recovered by police and taken into forensics. Unfortunately, the thief was not captured.

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