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Caught Cheaters Who Got What They Deserved



Cheaters caught

Many, if not most, cheaters eventually get caught, but not all of them get the punishment they deserve. For those that do, the wrath of their significant other could be especially brutal.

Rather than sit on their hands while they got cheated on, the following people exacted revenge in the cleverest of ways…

I wonder how much this billboard costed…

Cheating husband, billboard

We are guessing she no longer lives in that house…

Cheating husband, garage door

This one is especially sad…

Cheating husband, house for sale

She probably held a gun to his head, or held his dog Bruno hostage…

Cheating boyfriend sign

I think the neighbor’s son won’t mow his lawn for free anymore…

Cheating husband, moving out

Pfffffft! Forget about paying to watch the game…

Cheating boyfriend, sign at game

You go Timeshia for placing this ad in a newspaper!

Cheating husband, paper ad

He’s a disgrace everywhere he goes…

Cheating husband, spray paint

How’s Dave going to pay for the prostitute now?

Cheating husband, SUV writing

I wonder how the welcome home party turned out…

Welcome home, cheater

Whoever put this up needs an award…

Lost slut, cheating girlfriend

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