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Dad Kills Himself After Seeing Daughter in Playboy



Loredena Chivu, dad dead

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For many fathers, seeing your daughter sell her body in any shape or form is the ultimate disgrace imaginable, so much so that one man in Romania killed himself after seeing his 18 year-old daughter in Playboy.

In 2009, daddy’s little girl Loredena Chivu posed for the Romanian version of Playboy magazine; when daddy stumbled upon her photos, he didn’t want to live anymore.

“When he found out what I had done he cut himself off from the world and tried to isolate me as well from the rest of the family,” Loredena said. “I thought he would get over it and I never expected he would do something like kill himself.”

She discovered him hanging from a beam in his attic.

Loredena has apparently never recovered from the shock of the incident and regrets never getting the chance to reconcile with him.

“One of the worst things is not knowing — he didn’t seem to have any pressing problems at the time apart from our argument and I never would have thought he was a weak man who would take his own life,” she lamented.

Loredena Chivu, couch

We here at Too Manly strongly appreciate photos of gorgeous women, but our hearts nevertheless go out to all the heart-broken fathers that must live with the disgrace of seeing their daughters naked. Please don’t kill yourself.

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