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People Are Offering Free Rent in Exchange for Sex



Free rent for sex

Desperate for intimacy, some home-owners are offering rent-free rooms in exchange for sex, an interesting proposition, if you ask me.

I mean, moving out of your parent’s home and finding a place of your own could be pretty expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be.

There are many advertisements on Craigslist and Gumtree offering free rooms for sex, with one in the UK reading:

I’m an attractive City lawyer looking to offer free accommodation to an attractive female in exchange for intimacy.

The rooms are normally priced at £560pcm but, of course, you would not be paying.

As yes, the age-old barter system at play… Just don’t call it prostitution.

Although not strictly illegal, the practice may not necessarily be a great idea. You just never know who you’ll end up with, so thread carefully.

That said, I am a young, highly-educated man looking for a room to rent. Are there any milfs out there looking to rent one out in exchange for some sexy time?

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