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Taiwan Gets Sex-Themed Park Called ‘Romantic Boulevard’



Juju Park Korea

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Despite having few babies, East Asians are very liberal when it comes to sex, so much so that one particular country — Taiwan — has initiated a sex-themed park called Romantic Boulevard.

The highly perverted park is envisioned as a massive garden filled with artistic pieces of cocks, vaginas, cocks and vaginas, cocks in vaginas, people having sex and — wait for it — animals getting down and dirty. Do you get the picture?

It is actually no the first of its kind and draws inspiration from Juju Park in South Korea, the park pictured in this article…

As if that wasn’t enough, there is a scenic area offering a top photo opportunity for… weddings. Now just look at what this giant finger is doing…

Stone fingering

Expectedly, not everyone is thrilled about a theme park full of stone cocks and vaginas, finding it offensive instead. A spokesperson for Romantic Boulevard had the following to say to all who object:

“Look, we are in the business of tourism, not education or religion, so the question should be, will the park generate business opportunities and we believe the answer is yes.”

Whether or not Romantic Boulevard is suitable for public consumption is up for debate, but one thing is for sure — it is freakin hilarious! Who on this planet doesn’t like sex and theme parks?

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