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The Green Arrow is Real – He’s Better than You Imagined



Lars Anderson, best archer

The Green Arrow is real, but he’s Danish and better than you ever imagined. Meet Lars Andersen, the king of archery!

Centuries ago, master archers were able to perform incredible feats of archery, but their skills have long been forgotten largely thanks to the invention of guns and the entertainment industry’s erroneous portrayal of their highly-effective techniques.

Andersen is trying to reinvent what has been lost, and years of practicing the forgotten art has allowed him to perform mind-blowing feats with this bow and arrows, such as splitting a moving arrow in half with his own arrow, making several trick shots while still in the air, catching an arrow shot at him and then shooting it right back at the enemy, and shooting three arrows in under 1 second.

This guy isn’t kidding around. See him in action and let us know what you think about his abilities:

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