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Woman Walks into Police Station Throwing Bacon at Cops



There must be some serious beef with the police for anyone to walk into a police station and start throwing bacon at officers. That’s exactly what happened in Framingham, Massachusetts, where a very unhappy and possibly crazy woman walked into a station and chucked handfuls of meat at workers.

Lindsay McNamara, 24, was devious in her tactics. I mean, what’s the best thing to walk into an American police station with? Why, a box of donuts, of course. But to the disappointment of the unsuspecting cops, it wasn’t donuts they were getting — it was raw bacon, topped off with a load of sausages. Bon appetit…

“I’m here to feed the pigs,” she is reported to have said.

As if that wasn’t funny enough, notice how the fat guy filling out forms stops what he’s doing and casually takes some pictures with his phone…

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