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Will Ferrell Throws Basketball at Cheerleader’s Head, Knocks Her Out



I knew Will Ferrell was a try-hard at being funny, but I never thought he was also the abusive type. At a Lakers game, he knocked out a cheerleader by throwing a basketball hard at her head.

I didn’t really know what to make of the incident but thought it was some sort of prank or sketch for one of his upcoming projects. If Will Ferrell really did self-destructed, why unleash his wrath on a cheerleader? Did his wife have an affair with her?

Oh my god, is Will Ferrell’s wife a lesbian!?

Let’s hope it’s nothing more than a sketch, because god knows basketballs are HARD and can cause some serious damage if thrown hard enough.

Will Ferrell serving some time in real prison? That would be something…

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